Tony Thomas Narikulam

I believe design is about evoking emotions that showcase unique signature apart from merely providing solutions to problems. My background in traditional product design, modelling techniques, concept generation has given me a uniquely holistic perspective on crafting user centered product experiences. I am an Industrial Designer based in India, passionate about innovative designs, minimalist products clubbed with technologies with sense as well as disruptive. My design process starts with sorting out problems and possible solutions, identify the right one, stay relentlessly focused on that problem, solve it elegantly, avoid distraction, and execute it in a way that creates an emotional connection with the user. I have been applying these fundamental design and communication principles for quite sometime. Multisensory and immersive design, front end innovation, brand building, integrated design methods, and sustainability are some of my research areas. My experience spans information technology, industrial equipments, aerospace, transportation and modern architecture.

Welcome to my official portfolio website, a galleria showcasing few of my selected works.

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